Mysore Self-Practice

From April 18th, 2017 (6-9am) at Light Centre Monument

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Trying is doing…

Mysore style self-practice is an individual practice within a group setting that follows a set sequence of postures. Within one class setting you will get someone who has been practicing for many years practicing next to someone who has just started practicing, both learning at their own pace under the guidance of the teacher. This allows people of all ages and physical abilities to practice together in a community and be inspired by each other.

For first timers to the Mysore practice all you need to know is that just like learning anything from the new – you start small and build on that foundation – so your first few sessions probably won’t take that long as you will only be doing a few postures at a time. But as you keep up the practice, it will evolve into more postures, and then different sequences.


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